Contest History

  • 2017 IFBB New York Pro
  • 2017 IFBB Chicago Pro
  • 2014 NPC Eastern USA – Heavyweight
  • 2006 NPC Eastern USA – Bodybuilding Championship Light Heavyweight

Michael Lynn is a bright star in the world of bodybuilding. He seemingly came out of nowhere and has shaken up the competitive scene with a vengeance! Possessing classic lines, flawless symmetry, and astonishingly thick, dense muscularity, he’s won every competition he’s ever entered.

Michael’s physique can be classified as the perfect example of what everyone thinks is the ultimate body. Hardcore muscle fans are astonished by his ungodly mass, whereas the “regular guy” (and gal) can appreciate his aesthetics — a V taper down to a narrow waist with every body part in perfect proportion. Add to the mix all his all-American good looks, and you have the ideal package. And now, as a pro, he has his eye on the biggest shows in the sport.

Michael actually had his very first win nine years ago, when he swept the NPC EASTERN USA contest. It looked like he was unstoppable until life took a few turns — responsibilities and commitments became his priorities, and competition had to take a back seat. But Michael never gave up on the bodybuilding lifestyle, always training and always remaining in top shape.

Michael decided to give competing another go. He went for the NPC MASTERS USA contest where he took first place, obliterating the competition. It was at that show that Victor Martinez (runner up in both the Mr. Olympia and Arnold Classic) was so impressed with “Big Mike” that he encouraged Michael to go for his pro card by entering NPC biggest contest— The Nationals Masters Division. Michael followed this advice, and in true unbeatable form, he swept the overall, blowing away some of the top men in the game.

Michael’s philosophy is one that is both simple and humble: “Whatever I’ve achieved I owe to what I call ‘The Three D’s’: Dedication. Discipline and, most importantly, Determination. That’s what I believe has played the critical role
since I started training as a young guy of 19, and it’s the regimen I continue to follow today.”

That fierce focus and determination is more than just a sound bite. Michael practices what he preaches. At age 20 he suffered a terrible auto accident that left him in a coma for days. The doctors didn’t think Michael would make it, and they ultimately attributed his outstanding physical conditioning to his survival and recovery. It was then and there that Michael promised himself to never miss a day of training. He’s kept that promise. And the results speak for themselves. Today Michael Lynn is among the very best of the bodybuilding elite.

And he’s just getting started.